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LeighAnn/18/Buddhist I am happily in love with my boyfriend sirelezar.tumblr.com

I am in a lot of fandoms but I bet you could tell that. And I really love cute pastel things.But above all I am a huge anime fan.

I live in Tennessee. If you have any questions, complains, comments, I'll kindly direct you to my ask box.


a welsh tradition I think needs to come back is guys spending ages carving a spoon with all these designs and shit on it and giving it to the girl he wants to date how cute is that


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please be more. more open, more loud, more honest, more kind, more adventurous, more passionate, more anything and fuck whoever taught you that you have “more” value by being less 

you are not defined by negative space

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I’m stuck in my dark days 
But I can be stronger than you remember 
We’re coming up on December, but I’m not cold 


you’re the type of person i’d sit in a car with in the middle of the night just to cruise to good music

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